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California Financial Services (CFS) is a full-service financial and facility planning firm with an active practice including California school districts and local governments. CFS maintains offices throughout California—in Orange County, the Sacramento area and Santa Rosa. In 28 years of business, CFS has worked with California clients from as far south as Calexico in Imperial County and as far north as Eureka in Humboldt County. CFS will provide consulting and advisory services to clients anywhere in California.

CFS’ business is designed to provide the full range of consulting services required for facility planning, funding and construction delivery. We achieve our goal of providing the right mix of services for each client by staffing each account with a custom blend of CFS employees -- including private sector financial experts and former public-sector State, school business, facility and planning staff.

Our full-service approach to consulting requires that we staff our firm differently than a typical debt advisory firm. While the firm is staffed with two traditional registered municipal financial advisors who are co-owners of the firm and operate under the regulatory umbrellas of the Municipal Security Rulemaking Board (MSRB) and the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), our non-municipal financial advisory staff provide the services that make CFS a unique “Big Picture” consultant. These professionals provide assistance with State growth and modernization funding applications, facility master plans, educational specifications, site selection, specialty State funding programs, school staff facility condition surveys, management consulting, interim CBO assistance, developer mitigation negotiation, lease-leaseback project delivery project assistance and other facility-related professional support.

In order to provide these necessary, useful and valuable services, CFS has consistently invested in qualified staff. Our “Big Picture” consulting team includes two former CBOs, a former CDE field representative, two financial analysts, a former purchasing agent, an information technology administrator and two full-time clerical support staff to produce and manage the various studies, analyses and plans overseen by senior staff.

In addition, CFS can call upon our retired employees – including CBOs, facility planners and an OPSC top administrator -- when projects with a need for specific expertise arise. We can also help our clients select consultants to supplement our core consulting work when necessary or desirable.

Choose A Lead Consultant With Many Abilities

Our full-time staff has the experience to run your business office on interim basis, run a construction project as your lease-leaseback consultant, design a COP, CFD or G.O. bond issuance, negotiate with developers for mitigation, negotiate with architects/builders on lease-leaseback or design build, apply for OPSC funding, select a school site, conduct in-house facility surveys, develop educational specifications, track and monitor facility expenditures, process OPSC transmittal documents and OPSC expenditure reporting, prepare Citizen’s Oversight Committee reports, file continuing disclosure documents and oversee and manage other state and federal financing-related compliance duties.

In addition, CFS can assist in the selection and coordination of facility-related professionals from business, legal, architectural, construction management, lease-leaseback contractors and various bond professionals. CFS can coordinate, manage or lead your team of professionals to develop and implement a comprehensive financial and facility plan, and design one or more funding programs to breathe life into the plan.

Add Us To Your Team

While CFS has the staff to be lead advisor on most facility and finance projects, we can also work with other consultants as part of engagements involving facility master plans, developer fee studies, CFD formation, and redevelopment and asset management. We are an accomplished, professional member of any team – ready to contribute, take direction and deliver materials that are responsive to the needs of a larger project being run by our client or another consultant.

Depth Of Experience

In addition, CFS has advised local governments on matters exceeding $1 billion of developer mitigation, State school funding, redevelopment agency formation and bonding, joint-use development of surplus government property, and alternative project delivery methods for new construction cost and time of delivery savings. CFS works with your staff to develop solutions that best address planning and administrative needs that require a carefully tailored financial program reflecting a client's unique circumstances.

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