Project Planning & Support Services

Managing Projects Begins with Controlling Information

CFS' staff includes industry specialists that offer expertise for an array of services addressing the facility funding challenges and project tracking and reporting needs facing local school districts and government today. Our staff provides the leadership and support necessary to implement even the most labor-intensive solution to virtually any financial or facility planning problem.

Because managing projects begins with managing and controlling information, CFS created CFS InternetAccess. A school district's funding program is complex, multi-faceted and dynamic. It is often comprised of a myriad of district/local sources, state grants and interim programs. In addition, many of these funding sources are generated over multiple years, due to the unique and distinctly different requirements for state grants, general obligation bonds, and district revenue (which may include developer fee levies, income from sale or lease of surplus property, rate of return on County and other invested funds, and many other factors). Each funding component has its own critical and time sensitive compliance requirements. While a strong and carefully monitored plan provides for smoother and more predictable implementation, the lack of a strategic funding plan and effective compliance monitoring has consequences that include cash-flow shortfalls, lack of available matching funds at the time that State Grant funding is available, loss of State School Facility Program eligibility, unpredictable market access, unforeseen cost overruns, missed debt payments, events of technical default under financing indentures, runaway tax rates and loss of continuity during transitions between district professional staff as inevitably occur during a long-term construction program.

CFS InternetAccess is a powerful tool that organizes otherwise scattered information covering multiple projects and schools, budgets and revenue sources. Utilizing this powerful web application, California Financial Services provides customized reports and services to meet the needs of its school district clients, including, if staff desires, preparations of standardized or specialized reports for their school boards, citizens' oversight committees, auditors, trustees, and other consultants. CFS InternetAccess offers extensive reporting tools that include the most frequently needed reports requested by auditors, Boards, oversight committees and the State. The software component of CFS InternetAccess is also very flexible and easily allows a district's data to be customized by the District end-user in multiple ways to provide exactly what the user needs.

With more than two decades of California school facility program experience and utilizing modern tools such as CFS InternetAccess, California Financial Services is able to develop comprehensive and strategic cash flow planning, project tracking, management and compliance for it's valued clients. We will enable our clients to meet the following objectives:

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