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State Revenue Generation

State Grant Funding Programs

CFS develops strategies for Districts to generate revenue for school facility construction and improvement from the State School Facility Program. Our comprehensive Grant Funding Group provides the following services:

  1. Submit applications and other relevant documents to OPSC and monitor each application's progress
  2. Review of the District's student capacity data to determine the number of chargeable classrooms, including the Class Size Reduction program, in accordance with State policy
  3. Determine enrollment projections for the next five years using the State-approved modified cohort survival projection method
  4. Calculate each alternative method for determining eligibility for State School Facility Program new construction and modernization projects based on State Allocation Board (SAB) regulations
  5. Prepare, monitor and update State applications and supporting documents to incorporate changes in the SAB funding policies and procedures that may occur in the future
  6. Prepare, update, and submit a qualifying Five Year Facilities Plan and an educational specification report for approval by the California Deparment of Education (CDE)
  1. Publish a facility report that compiles the backup and submitted documents for State audit and District records. The facility report will function as the supporting documentation needed by the District for the self-certification process in the event of future State audits
  2. Schedule and attend required meetings with CDE's School Facility Planning Division, the OSPC, the SAB and individual legislators, as needed, to obtain additional State grant funding
  3. Serve as a liaison to the OSPC and the CDE to facilitate processing of the State applications and supporting documents for approval by the SAB and subsequent apportionments from State school bond funds
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Revenue Recovery and Closeout Audits

  1. Review of the documents filed by districts to the Office of Public School Construction (OPSC) regarding interest earned and close out data, when applicable
  2. Develop a strategy for requesting interest be retained by districts and preparation of documentation that substantiates the districts' justification for retention of such revenue, when applicable
  3. Monitor, amend or appeal past and pending district school funding applications filed under the State Modernization and Growth Programs
  4. Monitor project reimbursements based on advances, zero dollar apportionments, or any other source requiring an administrative action to accomplish a release, transfer, or retention of funds from the State to districts
  5. Recommend and implement the required procedures required for maintaining adequate files, procedures,and policies to improve the timeliness of cost recovery and funding apportionment from the State for eligibleschool projects
  6. Integrate the adopted revenue and cost recovery policies and procedures into the districts' FacilityMaster Plan and Economic Master Plan

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