Michael Ogburn
Senior Vice President, Orange County

Mr. Ogburn is a principal partner and founder of CFS and manages the firm's largest office in Orange County. As a principal partner, Mr. Ogburn serves as the account partner for the firm's Southern California clients. In addition to his experience structuring certificates of participation and general obligation bonds, Mr. Ogburn is an industry leading expert in the sale and structuring of bridge financings, structured, flexible rate debt instruments, liquidity facilities, credit enhancement and Bond Anticipation Notes (BANs) when facility funds need to be borrowed in advance of receipt of State funding or when authorized but unissued general obligation bond capacity needs to be realized well before the next series of bonds can be issued.

Mr. Ogburn's additional areas of expertise include the sale and structuring of fixed income securities including certificates of participation, lease revenue bonds, lease-purchase agreements, general obligation bonds and QZAB bonds. As part of the structuring of these financing instruments, Mr. Ogburn is adept at integrating multiple revenue sources-including the State School Facility Program, asset management, energy management and developer mitigation agreements into a single, comprehensive financial master plan over a planning horizon of five to ten years.

Having sold or structured over $1 billion of fixed income securities, Mr. Ogburn specializes in school district finance. His clients include Poway Unified School District, Paramount Unified School District, Ontario-Montclair Elementary School District, Pajaro Unified School District, Anaheim Union High School District, Perris Elementary School District, San Jacinto Unified School District, Fontana Unified School District, the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianna Islands, Riverside Unified School District, Cucamonga School District, Huntington Beach Union High School District and Escondido Union Elementary School District.

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