Patricia L. Paulsen
Managing Director, Program Administration, Sacramento Office

Ms. Paulsen's primary responsibilities include providing districts support in developing and implementing the administration of the necessary financial and facility project information using CFS InternetAccess, a powerful, web-based Facility Financial Management Support System. This system was developed to provide key decision makers and end users a strategic planning tool with which to access, update and analyze data in an easy and efficient manner. Ms. Paulsen provides districts with the tools to report the financial data from a central, consolidated source that can be accessed, formatted, downloaded, analyzed and reported in an easy and efficient manner. The administrative support systems are tailored to each client's existing budgetary and tracking systems with the various compliance documentation required under the financing documents. Ms. Paulsen assists in preparing periodic Project Budget and Cash Flow Updates, Bond Oversight Committee reports and fiscal year-end reports for client management and independent auditor use.

Ms. Paulsen assists in recommending streamlined procedures and documentation consistent with each client's current operating procedures and tracking and budgeting systems. In addition, Ms. Paulsen supports clients with the day-to-day management and troubleshooting of the financing program implemented.

Ms. Paulsen brings to CFS more than 15 years of school business experience at large districts and small as Chief Business Official, Senior Director of Finance & Business Operations, Director of Finance, Budget Manager, and Fiscal Services Accountant. A CPA, Ms. Paulsen received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from California State University, Sacramento, and spent five years in the private sector, auditing school districts, community colleges, governmental agencies and financial institutions prior to beginning her service with school districts. She has established her expertise in disciplines as diverse as trend analysis, multi-year projections, and has developed a statewide reputation for the mastery, both in policy and practice, of school district budgeting, operations and management. Ms. Paulsen was instrumental in developing and establishing the various School Facility Bridge Funding Programs, Bond Advancement Programs, State School Facility Funding Programs, General Obligation Bonds, and various other financing programs implemented in the school districts she worked for and has first-hand knowledge of the comprehensive tools of the CFS InternetAccess System. She was awarded the Certificate of Professional Designation as a CBO from the California Association of School Business Officials, and she is a member of the Coalition for Adequate School Housing (CASH).

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